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About Laura Fletcher


Creative communications and media specialist with over ten years of experience in sponsorships, brand content, PR and journalism.


Freelance and contract worker for a wide range of stakeholders in sport, including top level teams, professional athletes, brand partners, and media providers.


Trained photographer using those skills to create engaging content strategies, across both social and traditional media platforms with a full spectrum vision on the ecosystem of professional sports, ROI, and content success.

My latest projects


Crowded Stadium


Creating engaging, note worthy sponsorship portfolios, where the ROI is front and centre.  Be more than just a logo. Engage, build, and influence change across your market, with fully integrated partnerships.  Full circle approach to ensure optimal visibility for all parties.

Recording Time


Journalism is a nuanced field, and working with writers, creators and publications to get the correct message across goes hand in hand with the experience in the trenches. Personal connections and relationships go a long way in ensuring a successful communications strategy. 

Camera Lens


In a content flooded world, it's hard to stand out. We need to begin at the start, with identifying goals, outcomes, and the driving force behind the content creation. Brand, budget and scope are front and centre. From production to delivery.

Branded Box


The overview of all if it.  Building a partnerships, content and communications structure to perfectly deliver the brand message. Identifying how the brand aligns with the product, how this story reflects in the market as well as how the brand engages with and develops customers, both new and existing.

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